31st  Congress of the European Commitee for treatment and research in multiple sclerosis
7 – 10 October 2015  – Barcelona – Spain

The 2015 congress programme is designed to tackle the main topics signaling the path to future MS management. We will see what is in store for diagnosis and differential diagnosis, what for early MS, what is the next step in treating patients and, more importantly, how we can shape treatment to suit each individual’s profile —maximizing efficacy and safety of complex therapies— and how the environment continues to condition MS evolution. In this regard, we shall map out the epidemiology of MS in less typified geographical areas. We will stop at the new subject of prevention as well as that of research in rehabilitation. We will also analyze what endpoints are more useful in clinical trials. The programme will also devote some time to the application of new information technologies, in the programme ‘MS Care 3.0’, to optimize the clinical care for patients with MS. In basic research we shall see what is the current role of genetics and new players in neuropathogenesis of MS. 

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