2012 – 12th CRNI COURSE | Bergamo (Italy) | 21- 24 March

Il genoma e oltre: epigenetica e malattie neuroimmunologiche

I Day

  • Introduction (G. Como – G. Martino)

Basic aspects

  • Epigenetis basics (V. Orlando)
  • Phisological epigenetic changes: DNA methylation and histone modification (M. Bianchi)
  • miRNA (D. De Preti Tonelli)
  • Epigenetics and MS (S. Baranzini)

II Day

Neurological disorders and epigetetics (Chair: S. Baranzini/S. Scarpa)

  • Virus, UV radiations, Smoking and MS ( G. Di Santo)
  • Functional genomics of Parkinson’s Disease (S. Gustincich)
  • The gene-environment interactions ( M. Salvetti)
  • Epigenetics and neuromuscular disorders (E. Pegoraro)

Interactive didactics

  • Clinical Trial (G. Matarese – R. Furlan)


Neuroinfection and epigenetics (Chair: L. Muzio/ V. Bollati)

  • Epigenetics, environment and autoimmunity (E. Burgio)
  • Epigenetics and neurodevelopmental disorders (L. Muzio)
  • Epigenetics, mitochondria and neuroinflamation (F. Giuliani)
  • Epigenetics and cancer (V. Bollati)

Interactive didactics

  • CCSVI: Comi-Zomboni debate
  • Chair: S. Sotgiu, C. Avolio

IV Day

Environment, diseases and therapy (Chair: G. A. Rook/ F. Costa)

  • Macrobiota and autoimmunity (M. Falcone)
  • Inflammation, macrobiota and depression (G. A. Rook)
  • Vit. D receptor and MS (M. Pugliatti)
  • Epigenomics in drug desing and future therapis (F. Costa)
  • Conclusion (G. Martino, F. Furlan)
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