• 17th ESNI Course 2019

    17th ESNI Course 2019

    July 16 – 19, 2019 CONGRESS VENUEVUMc, Amsterdam(the Netherlands) SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE ESNI 2019 CONGRESSSandra Amor Jeffrey Bajramovic Brigit de Jong Rogier Hintzen Pilar Martinez Erik Nutma Jack van Horssen ORGANISING SCRETARIATEEM Association Management 17th ESNI Course Final programRead more

  • 16th ESNI Course 2017

    16th ESNI Course 2017

    June 25 – 30, 2017 CONGRESS VENUESan Servolo Island, Venice(Italy) SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE ESNI 2017 COURSESandra AmorVU University Medical Centre Amsterdam (the Netherlands) Giovanna BorsellinoNeuroimmuology Unit European Centre for Brain Research Santa Lucia Foundation  Cinthia FarinaSan Raffaele HospitalMilan (Italy) Roberto FurlanSan Raffaele Hospital Milan (Italy) Gianvito MartinoSan Raffaele Hospital Milan (Italy) Antonio UccelliUniversity of Genoa Genoa (Italy) HughRead more

  • 15th ESNI Course 2015

    15th ESNI Course 2015

    June 1 – 4, 2015 CONGRESS VENUE Na Homolce Hospital (Prague | Czech Republic) SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE ESNI 2015 COURSE Pavel Stourac Head of the Multiple Sclerosis Center – Department of Neurology Faculty Hospital, Masaryk University Brno Brno | Czech Republic ORGANISING SCRETARIAT EEM Association Management 15th ESNI Course Final programRead more

  • 11th ESNI Course 2011

    11th ESNI Course 2011

    2011 – 11th ESNI COURSE | Glasgow (UK) | 4-7 July I Day Neuroinflammation and cellular responses in the CNS Banking the brain – from resource to laboratory (Sandra Amor) Neuropathology now! (Hans Lassmann) What’s really going on? Visualising neuroinflammation in vivo (Martin Kerschensteiner) Strinking in Balance – Innate v adaptive immunity in neuroinflammation (HughRead more

  • 9th ESNI Course 2009

    9th ESNI Course 2009

    2009 – 9th ESNI COURSE | Istanbul (Turkey) | 1-4 September I Day Neuroscience and neurobiology: basic aspects The host defense of Drosophila melanogaster (Dominique Ferrandon) Immune response in plants (Saskia van Wees) The inflammasome: a new entry (Stefan Drexler) Autophagy in autoimmunity (Francesco Cecconi) The immunomodulatory role of neural stem cells (Stefano Pluchino) Astrocytes, inflammationRead more

  • 7th ESNI Course 2007

    7th ESNI Course 2007

    2007 – 7th ESNI COURSE | Oxford (UK) | 20-23 September I Day Basic Principles of Immunology The lymphatics in immunity (D. Jackson) Structure and function of the blood brain barrier (D. Romero) Antigen presentation and leukocyte activation in the CNS (D. Male) Have we forgotten about complement? (P. Morgan) Basic Principles of Neuroscience Functional imagingRead more

  • 6th ESNI Course 2005

    6th ESNI Course 2005

    2005 – 6th ESNI COURSE | Thessaloniki (Greece) | 12-15 September I Day Methods in Neuroimmunology Mechanisms of tissue injury in human inflammatory brain diseases(H. Lassman) Regulation of the immune response within the central nervous system (J. Antel) Immunoregulation of Th1 and Th2 responses in neuroinflammation (L. Probert) Cholinergic signals: a bridge between the nervous andRead more

  • 5th ESNI Course 2004

    5th ESNI Course 2004

    2004 – 5th ESNI COURSE | Venice (Italy) | 27-28 September I Day Brain-immune interactions Induction and regulation of the immune response (M. Ferrarini) Immune tolerance (M. G. Roncarolo) Immune surveillance of the nervous system (R. Ransohoff) Neuro-immune-endocrine networks (A. Del Rey) II Day Inflammation in neurological disorders Inflammation and neurodegeration (S.R. Barnum, USA) Pathogenisis ofRead more

  • 3rd ESNI Course 2002

    3rd ESNI Course 2002

    2002 – 3rd ESNI COURSE | Tampere (Finland) | 11-14 September I Day Regulatory immune-responses in the nervous system An overview on regulatory T cells (D. Wraith) The dual role of NKT cells in autoimmunity (L. Van Kaer) Evasion of clearance by CD(+ cells in autoimmunity (M. Brahic) The genetics of complex traits (D.A.S. Compston)Read more