Coordinator Neuroimmunology Unit, Laboratory of Experimental and Regenerative Medicine
Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences
University of Foggia

Maria Blonda, BSC, post-doc
Antonella Amoruso, BSC, PhD student
Roberta Grasso, MD, Resident in Neurology
Valeria Di Francescantonio, MD, Resident in Neurology
Michele Falcone, BSC

Viale Luigi Pinto, 1
71100 Foggia – Italy
Tel. 0881 736080 – 0881 588 097
Fax 0881 736 389

Keywords su ambiti di competenza
Multiple Sclerosis; disease modifying drugs; extracellular vesicles; monocytes; dendritic cells; T-cell subsets; purinergic receptors; cerebrospinal fluid; blood-brain barrier; adhesion molecules; cytokines; MMPs
“Cellular Biology: Flow cytofluorimetry for several cellular analysis; epifluorescence microscopy;
human peripheral blood cell purification (monocytes, lymphocytes); primary cell and cell line culture;
cell counting; extracellular vesicles and subcellular organelles isolation and purification

Tecniche utilizzate
Potentiometry and pH measurements; protein extraction and purification; Bradford and Lowry protein assay; enzymatic activity assay; Western blot; gel electrophoresis; SDS-PAGE;
Immunoprecipitation; ELISA; fluorimetric, spectrophotometric and oxygraphic measurements;
Immunoassays; Immunohistochemistry; Immunocytochemistry

Molecular Biology
Nucleic acids purification and quantification (DNA, RNA) from cells and tissues;
DNA and RNA extraction, purification and PCR-amplification; qRT-PCR; Real Time PCR; gene silencing

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