• XXVI AINI Congress 2017

    XXVI AINI Congress 2017

    June 25 – 30, 2017 CONGRESS VENUESan Servolo Island, Venice(Italy) SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE AINI 2017 CONGRESSSandra AmorVU University Medical Centre Amsterdam (the Netherlands) Giovanna BorsellinoNuroimmuology Unit European Centre for Brain Research Santa…

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  • The dichotomous nature of T helper 17 cells

    The dichotomous nature of T helper 17 cells Brigitta Stockinger and Sara Omenetti Nature Reviews Immunology – September 1 2017 Abstract T helper 17 (TH17) cells have been extensively studied since their discovery 10 years ago, primarily because…

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  • XXV AINI Congress 2016

    XXV AINI Congress 2016

    May 11 – 14, 2016 CONGRESS VENUEHotel President, Lecce(Italy) SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE AINI 2016 CONGRESSCarlo Avolio Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences University of Foggia Foggia (Italy) Giovanna BorsellinoNuroimmuology Unit European Centre for…

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  • XXVII AINI Congress 2018

    XXVII AINI Congress 2018

    May 7 – 10, 2018 CONGRESS VENUETrieste(Italy) SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE AINI 2018 CONGRESSClara BalleriniDipartimento di NEUROFARBA,Laboratorio di NeuroimmunologiaComplesso PolivalenteFirenze Marco SalvettiNeurologia e CENTERS Dipartimento di Neuroscienze,…

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