• ESNI Course 2005

    ESNI Course 2005

    2005 – 6th ESNI COURSE | Thessaloniki (Greece) | 12-15 September I Day Methods in Neuroimmunology Mechanisms of tissue injury in human inflammatory brain diseases(H. Lassman) Regulation of the immune response within the central nervous system (J. Antel)…

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  • CRNI 2005

    CRNI 2005

    2005 – 7th CRNI COURSE | Bergamo (Italy) | 9-12 March Neuroimmunologia delle patologie infettive e post-infettive I Day Innate immunity: a barrier to infections (A. Moretta) Viruses and autoimmunity (G. Poli) Old e new vaccines (S. Abrignani) II Day Infectious…

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