• ESNI Course 2004

    ESNI Course 2004

    2004 – 5th ESNI COURSE | Venice (Italy) | 27-28 September I Day Brain-immune interactions Induction and regulation of the immune response (M. Ferrarini) Immune tolerance (M. G. Roncarolo) Immune surveillance of the nervous system (R. Ransohoff) Neuro-immune-endocrine…

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  • CRNI 2004

    CRNI 2004

    2004 – 6th CRNI COURSE | Bergamo (Italy) | 17-20 March Anticorpi in neurologia: dal laboratorio al letto del paziente I Day Maturation of B imphocytes (V. Pistoia) Mechanism of autoantibody production (A. Lanzavecchia) B Iymphocytes and microenvironment…

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